What We Do

  • Consumer Reporting Agency compliant
  • SBA endorsed
  • Seamless integration with current processes
  • Best in class credit educator
  • Secondary marketing support through asset resolution assistance for distressed loans
  • Business development service that specializes in credit solutions for banker’s non-qualified candidates
  • Solutions to achieve Community Reinvestment Act requirements
  • Highly transparent
  • Loan Opportunity

    39% loan applicants* did not have the credit report or score needed for the loan they sought.

    GCH360 empowers you to convert your 39% fall out into funded.

    GCH360 provides a disruptive and award winning solution to help you close more loans.

    Calculation of new loan opportunity
  • How many credit reports do you pull monthly?
  • How many units do you fund monthly?
  • What is the average loan amount?

  • Conservative Example

    (fill in the numbers with your true credit pulls)

    You pull 100 credit pulls. You close 25. Out of the remaining 75, 30% would be a fit for one of our programs. Averages out to be 23 new potential clients per month. Let’s say 50% take part in the program, total of 12 new clients.


    12 new clients per month x
    12 months x $250,000
    (average loan size)

    =$36 Million

    in Loan Opportunity.


    How We Do It

    Don’t reject, redirect and we will reconnect – you give us a credit turned down prospect, we return a qualified borrower.

    Success Stories

    “Extremely effective all around. They continue to work as a partner to BBMC evolving the business with our set goals and strategies.”

    Steve Romano

    Senior Executive, BBMC Mortgage

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    Headquarter in Sunrise FL, serves banking partners nationally.

    8411 W Oakland Park Blvd. Suite 202

    Sunrise, FL 33351

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